Bemer Therapy

Bemer Therapy


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The microcirculation is an extremely important part of the human circulation, covering 74% of the total blood flow. It performs vital transport and supply functions. It feeds our body's 80-100 trillion cells with oxygen and nutrients, and is an important transport route for the removal of metabolic products.

Well-functioning microcirculation is a prerequisite for many processes: regeneration, repair, growth and healing. It is vital for supplying the energy needs of physical and mental performance. 

Cells can only do what they need to do if they get what they need.

The benefits of BEMER treatments:

  • improve the body's defences
  • increased vitality
  • increased performance
  • skin tightening effect in a short time
  • anti-ageing
  • better quality of sleep
  • better well-being
  • rapid collagen production

Opening hours: every day 9.00-19.00

Registration: every day of the week at the Wellness Island reception
( vagy +3652514177)

Useful information
Before arrival, everyone has questions about the services, we tried to collect and answer the most common ones.