Termál & Beer

Termál & Beer


On May 18 we invite all our guests to the Thermal & Beer!


The best outdoor relaxation of the May spring is waiting for you!

Imagine yourself immersed in the thermal waters and surrounded by the Great Forest as you relax in the steaming water with friends. You'll be refreshed with a glass of cold draught beer and eat a really good roast sausage. Meanwhile, the sound of the Spanish bar plays in the background and you conclude that you need to do this more often. It's nice to switch off for a while and "relax" in the thermal.


Plus, the May sunshine means you can enjoy a great evening in our outdoor thermal pool. With the sound of live guitar music and the deciduous trees of the big forest, we can offer you sunsets, birdsong, the smell of spring and the inevitable steaming thermal water. Our Thermal Café is also open for the day, so you can buy drinks and snacks conveniently by the pool.


If you're looking for the perfect weekend getaway where you can blow off steam, have a good chat, laugh and relax for a while, this is the place for you. Our Thermal Baths are the perfect place to do it all.


Live guitar music all evening, draught beers, freshly baked sausages and optionally, we've got a great sauna bath for you.


Below you can see the exact programme of our Sauna World!


Optional programme during the Thermal & Beer:

Sauna World themed sauna programmes 2024.05.18. 16.00-23.00 If you want to add to the experience, our Sauna World is also open until 23.00, where you can also participate in special sauna sessions!


Our thematic sauna programmes always build the sauna experience around a theme: the appearance of the sauna master, scents, sounds help to enhance the experience, which allows us to offer a kind of show sauna for sauna lovers.


Our sauna masters are preparing for this special evening with fun show toppings.


Sauna programmes:

  • 16:00 The forest tells a story
  • 17:00 Cuba Libre
  • 18:00 Frédi the Stone Age specialist
  • 19:00 Retro party

The programmes are sold at the usual price (700 HUF/person).


  • 20:00 Hello summer!
  • 21:00 Grab my beer!
  • 22:00 Dolce Vita

Evening programmes are sold at special rates (900 Ft/person).


Sauna Masters:

  • Tamás Farkas
  • Levente Kórik-Bácsmegi
  • Imre Bana
  • Erik Békési
  • Zsanett Pető
  • Dávid Pető


Seating is limited Registration:

The sauna world is open until 23:00.


If you want to join in the fun, come to Aquaticum Thermal Baths on 18 May!

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What we are waiting for:

- Extended opening hours

- you can enjoy the Thermal & Beer until midnight

- Steaming thermal water

- Freshly tapped beers (Dreher Gold and Meggy)

- Juhász Winery wines

- Delicious fried sausages, fresh crusty bread

- 17:00-22:00 Accompanied by László Bakos "Latin and nostalgia guitar"

- Embrace of the Great Forest

-Sauna world with extended opening hours, sauna programs - until 23 o'clock


Thermal & Beer. A feeling of life.

Experience it yourself. Don't leave your friends at home either!

We have everything else for you.

Date: 18 May 2024 16:00 - 00.00

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You do not need to buy a separate ticket for the Thermal & Beer programme, you can participate with the Thermal Bath Day Pass.

Our day tickets:

  • All-day adult ticket 4.200 HUF,
  • All-day student/retired ticket 3.300 HUF (All-day tickets are valid on the day of the event.)
  • For the optional Sauna World services, there are several options to choose from: Sauna World additional ticket: 2.800 Ft
  • AQUA Relax ticket, which is a combined ticket for the Thermal Spa and Sauna World services (no need to buy a Thermal Spa day ticket): All-day adult ticket 6.490 Ft, senior ticket 5.300 Ft
  • + participation in sauna baths and programmes: 900 HUF / session




Please note that we reserve the right to change the programme! We inform our guests that images and videos are taken for advertising purposes. By participating, you acknowledge that the organizers can make .audio and video recordings.