Water Park opening

Water Park opening

31 MAY - Hooray Water Park Opening!
We can't wait to share the good news: from Friday, 31 May, we are waiting again for all our guests to enjoy the best experiences on one of the coolest Water Park in Hungary! A 12m high panoramic terrace with jacuzzi, slides till you drop, drift and wave pool, obstacle courses, outdoor thermal pool and endless animation, live DJ night swims, foam parties, spray park, diving platform... so we really filled this summer with overflowing experiences! Join us again this year! And what are the activities for the Water Park opening weekend? Scroll down, there will be surprises!
Spray Park
Adventure pool
Swimming pool
Wave pool
Giant slides
sports track
Spa and relaxation pool
Jump platform
Glass bottom pool

Opening weekend programmes on the Water Park

Date: 1-2 June 2024 (Saturday-Sunday)

Location: Aquaticum Water Park

Opening hours:



Saturday 1 June

A full day of activities for our first beachgoers, including crafts, exciting family quizzes and fun music. Don't forget to look out for Bubu, the Aquaticum's mascot elephant, who will be waiting for the kids with balloons and fun all day long!


  • 10:30-13:30 Get creative!

Creative crafts and glitter body painting! Come and make the cutest summer awning so nothing will distract you from your exhilarating swim! And afterwards, wow everyone with your amazing glitter tattoos!


  • 13:00-14:00 Let the singing be loud on the Water Park!

Uncle Tibi's cheerful singing show will enchant all children. Let's sing together the best summer children's songs and party with Bubu the little elephant!

Location: coming soon


  • 14:00-17:00 Family adventure tour on the Wwater Park!

Families, attention! It's time to compete in the Aquaticum family quiz for small prizes! Family quizzes on water and land, 5 locations!


  • 14:00-14:30 Creative Cube

Make your family's crest headdress and come up with the most imaginative team name!

Location: stage


  • 14:30-16:00 The Family Adventure Tour starts!

We have exciting activities for you and we guarantee that all members of the family will get to show off their skills. You can expect skill challenges, water and land trials, and an eating test. If you guess right, you could win! At different points on the Water Park, the family can challenge the elements of water and earth together!

Location: coming soon


  • 16:00 Announcement of results!

Location: stage


  • 16:30-17:00 AQUA FITNESS

Aquafitness - musical gymnastics on the Water Park, in the pool, in the sun, for young and old alike


  • Bubu, the Aquaticum's mascot elephant, will be handing out balloons on the Wwater Park and at the entrance all day, so if you spot him, run to him!


Sunday 2 June 10:30-17:00

On this day, there will also be fun activities on the Water Park: water zumba, arts and crafts, fun and adventurous water animation games for children, interactive music shows and gifts for kids and adults alike! And of course, our little friend Bubu, the elephant of the Aquaticum mascot, will be waiting for the kids with balloons and open arms!


  • 10:30-13:30 Tropical Party!

Musical dance party on the Water Park - animation and a fantastic interactive party with the Aqua Mano Party!


  • 10:30 Creative Corner!

Make colourful tropical flower bracelets and super beach hats!

Location: stage


  • 11:30-12:00 Tropical Party

Be part of a musical, interactive concert that will transport you to the Tropics! During the show, fun, smiles, party atmosphere and gifts are guaranteed!


  • 12:00 Face painting!

Count to three and we'll turn you into a bunny, kitten or cute puppy!

Location: stage


  • 12:30 Get ready for water games!

Excitement, waves, laughter, competition and a fantastic atmosphere. Join us!

Location: pirate ship children's pool


  • 14:00-17:00 KisMaszat Experience Workshop presents:

LittleFace Experience Workshop takes over the Water Park and with their usual creativity we experiment, make a mess, create a big one! Family Ramazuri on the Water Park! We're going on the water... I mean on the boat!!! But what kind of boat? That's for everyone to decide! It can be a sailboat, a cargo ship, a passenger ship, a pirate ship... Let's get our imagination and our hands busy and make the hulls! Let the paint flow!!! Once they're built, we'll take to the water and hunt for sea treasures! The sea will be made of balloons, where everyone will find treasures!

Location: grassy area behind the drift pool.


  • Bubu, the Aquaticum's mascot elephant, will be handing out balloons on the Water Park and at the entrance all day long!


Details, themes and locations will be updated on our website and Facebook event page, so keep an eye on us!



In case of bad weather, programmes will take place in the Indoor Aquapark.


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Please note that we reserve the right to change the programme! We inform our guests that images and videos are taken for advertising purposes. By participating, you acknowledge that the organizers can make .audio and video recordings.