Our Saunas

Our Saunas
Sauna World

Taking a sauna offers a great opportunity for health-conscious people, as offering well-being, it recovers one’s mental and physical fitness.

  1. In the Thermal Bath, there is a Sauna World with the area of many hundred m2. In the Sauna World, there are Finnish and Stollen saunas, steam chambers, an ice fountain, a tepidarium, an infra sauna, a cold water plunge pool, Kneipp pools and pulsating showers to serve the relaxation of our guests.
  2. There are two separated relaxation rooms and a relaxation garden in the area of the Sauna World.
  3. Deckchairs, soft light and silent relaxation music in the relaxation area make one’s rest and relaxation more pleasant.
  Capacity Temperature

Finnish sauna

30 persons

95-100 °C

Stollen sauna

20 persons 100 °C

Steam Chamber I.

20 persons 40-50 °C

Steam Chamber II.

15 persons

35-45 °C

Tepidarium (heated)

15 persons

35-36 °C

Infra sauna °C

8 persons

60 °C

Plunge pool


13-15 °C

Kneipp pools (cold-warm)


20 °C / 40°C

Useful information
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