Pools & Attractions

Pools & Attractions

The Aquaticum Mediterranean Aqua Park is in the heart of the Great Forest and next to the stadium, within a dome with the diameter of 66 m. Owing to its dense tropical flora and many adventure elements, this unique facility makes summer within the heart of our guests all year long. The water paradise offers full-day relaxation and entertainment for each generation.

Besides a chlorine-free baby pool, the older children can make fun in the children pool, and the outdoor and the indoor playground.

In the Aqua Park, there is a Mediterranean Restaurant and a Thai Massage Centre, as well.


  • wave pool,
  • baby pool,
  • children pool,
  • experience pool.


Giant Slide

The orange and yellow slides overgrown by dense tropical flora are the greatest and the most exciting elements of the Aqua Park. The bravest can slide from an elevation of 9 metres via the closed tube slide into the 28-30°C water. Try it and you surely want to experience the exciting moments again.


Kamikaze slide

If you do not shy away from a dynamic and exciting splash, the open kamikaze slide is for you.


Hydro slide

If you are not brave enough for the thrill of the orange, the yellow or the kamikaze slide, the green and the blue slide are for you. You can get a dizzy experience due to the many bends, finished by a pleasant splash.


Family slide

Even the beginners can get their first sliding experiences on the red slide. The whole family can slide and have fun together on the family slide.


Children and baby slides

Even the smallest can safely slide in the children and baby pools. The children can choose a slide for them upon their bravery.

Test your water-walking skills at the Aquaticum Mediterranean Aqua Park with the Waterball!

The Waterball is a 2 metre diameter plastic transparent inflatable ball that you can get into through a zip. The ball is filled with air and then you can move freely inside the ball for up to 8 minutes. This new water toy is great fun for all generations, from children to grandparents.

The Waterball can be used from the age of 5, with a maximum weight limit of 130 kg. The service is available in the wave pool from 13:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. The price for an 8-minute session in the water is 800 HUF.

Adventure elements

  • 12 exciting slides, climbing wall, water chopper, water ball, jacuzzis, cave baths, whirlpool, geysers, water massage jets, mushroom and neck showers.

Visit us and feel the experience of summer!

(The Aquaticum Thermal Bath and the Aquaticum Wellness Hotel**** is directly accessible via a closed glass corridor.)

Indoor playing corner in the Aquaticum Mediterranean Aqua Park

After bathing and trying the water toys, our young guests can have further adventures. The two-storey high-tech playground is for children of 3-12 years with parental supervision.

Opening hours: according to the opening hours of the Aqua Park.

Playground on the sunbathing terrace of the Aquaticum Mediterranean Aqua Park

While the parents are relaxing under the beach umbrellas on the deckchairs, the children can have fun in the playground. There is a play tower with jungle gym and slide, a sandbox, a rope pyramid, a nest swing, a dolphin spring toy and a multi-user spring toy waiting for the children. The playground is on the sunbathing terrace of the Aqua Park.

Indoor playing corner

The indoor playing corner is for children between 3 and 12. Due to safety reasons, do not bring glasses, jewelleries, hairgrip, sharp or tipped toys, food, drinks and chewing gum into the playing corner. Do not climb onto the protective net and the structural elements of the playing corner. Due to safety reasons, leave the foreground of the slide after sliding and do not climb upwards in the slide. For the guests of the Bath, the use of the playing corner is free of charge. The playing corner is to be used only under one’s own responsibility. The maximum number of children in the playing ground is 50. Children with infectious disease, high temperature, diarrhoea, vomiting or children under recovery cannot enter the playing corner due to the health preservation of the other children.

Outdoor playing corner

Children can use the trampoline and the rope pyramid under the age of 16, while the other toys under 12, under the supervision of a parent or an adult. The accompanying persons may help the children in the use of the toys, but cannot use the toys themselves. It is not recommended to wear glasses during playing in the playground. Please keep clean the pool area and after playing in the playground, use the shower and the footbath upon entry into the pool area.

Useful information
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