Pools & Attractions

Pools & Attractions


Swimming and wave pool

The 27-28 ˚C swimming and wave pool gradually deepens. At certain times the water's power is experienced in the form of waves. The thrilling waves are enjoyed by young and old alike. Between two swells, you can also try the water hopper in this pool.


Kids and baby pool

In the children's pool, the little ones can enjoy a dip in the pleasant water. Climbing on the water climbers and then splashing down the water slide is a real treat. The dragon slide, elephant slide and mushroom shower are also popular with children. The adventure baths are not to be missed by the little ones. The baby pool can be used with a waterproof nappy for children aged 0-3 years. A special feature of the pool is that the water is disinfected not with chlorine, but with a baby-friendly disinfectant that is gentle on babies' skin and does not sting their eyes. Little ones can sit on the turtle and of course they can slide in the 34-36 ˚C water.


Giant slide

The orange and yellow slides are the largest and most exciting in the water park, covered in lush tropical vegetation. The brave ones can slide down the enclosed slide from a height of 9 metres and splash into 28-30 C water at the end. Once you've tried this experience, you'll want to repeat the thrill.


Kamikaze slide

The open-air kamikaze slide is for those who don't mind a fast, dynamic and spooky splash.


Hydro slide

The green and blue slides are for those who haven't yet worked up the courage to try the orange, yellow or kamikaze slides. On this slide, you can enjoy the dizzying thrills of the many twists and turns, followed by a nice splash at the end.


Family slide

The red slide is the perfect place for beginners to get their first slide experience. On the family slide, dad, mum and kids can have fun together.


Children and baby slides

The children and baby pools are safe for the little ones. Little ones can choose from a range of slides to suit their age and bravery.


Drifting aisles

Let yourself be carried away by the flow of the water and just enjoy the pleasant drift. One of our two water runners is located in the adventure pool, the other takes you outdoors*, making your aquatic adventure even more exciting.


Cave baths

In the caves in the adventure pool, bathers can enjoy the pleasant massaging power of the waterfall.


Mushroom and neck showers, hot tubs

The mushroom and neck showers in the adventure and wave pools add a pleasant massage to your bathing experience. There's nothing like a jet of water to massage your tired back, shoulders and neck.



The geyser that erupts from time to time in the adventure pool enchants visitors with its unique spectacle. 

Adventure elements


While the kids have fun on the slide or in the children's pool, mum and dad can relax in the Jacuzzi. There are two group jacuzzis for groups of 33-36 ˚C and four family jacuzzis for 4-6 people to relax in.


Children's playground

We have a children's playground on the first floor of the water park, next to the giant slides. After splashing around and trying out water games, children can enjoy new adventures. The two-storey children's playground is open to children aged 3-12, with parental supervision.


Opening hours: according to the opening hours of the adventure pool.

Supervised playground:

Weekdays: for groups of children booked in advance

Saturday, Sunday: 10:30-17:00

On special days: by prior arrangement. From 10.00 to 10.00 p.m.


Baby-mom rest room

To extend our services and provide a complete relaxation for all members of the family, a free baby-momma break has been opened in the Aquaticum Mediterranean Experience Spa, in a quiet area separated from the community area.

  • In addition to comfortable armchairs, mattresses and beanbag chairs, there is also a quiet children's play area and a microwave, so heating up baby food is no problem.
  • Two baby changing areas and four rest areas provide a pleasant place for several families to relax at the same time.

How to get there: the rest area is located down the stairs next to the cashier's offices of the Adventure Spa, next to the group changing rooms in the basement.

Aquaticum: baby-friendly baths

Free entrance for children aged

  • 0-3 years chlorine-free baby pool
  • Baby-friendly environment (recommended by
  • baby-mum lounge
  • quiet rest areas
  • anti-slip and shock absorbing covers
  • baby swimming service (weekdays and weekends)


Unforgettable experiences for the whole family at the Aquaticum SPA complex!

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