Seal Collection Family Day

Seal Collection Family Day


Seal Collecting Family Day at the Beach!


Date: 22 June 2024 Saturday 13:00-16:00

Location: Water Park


We are preparing an exciting and fun programme for you, where the whole family can roam together on one of the coolest beaches in Hungary. At different stations you will have to complete a series of playful tasks, after which you can collect seals and, if your seal collecting booklet is full, we will offer you fantastic prizes! This is a great opportunity for all the family to enjoy some free time together and explore every corner of Water Park.


Don't miss this special day and join us for the Seal Collecting Family Day!

Go to the beach, collect seals and win great prizes!


More details: coming soon


Please note that we reserve the right to change the programme! We inform our guests that images and videos are taken for advertising purposes. By participating, you acknowledge that the organizers can make .audio and video recordings.