Children's Day with the Zsuzsi Forest Railway

Children's Day with the Zsuzsi Forest Railway

The last weekend of May is also the time to hop on the Zsuzsi train, as we offer a special programme for families, children, young and old, in the most cheerful month of the year, in a forest environment. During the Children's Day holiday, we will give voice to eco-ethics, environmental protection and sustainability, as well as selfless help in support of the work of Maltese Charity Service.

The celebrations will start at 11.00 and end at 15.00 at the terminus of the Zsuzsi Forest Railway in Hármashegyalján, near the Nature House.


Contributing partners and programmes:


Maltese Charity Service:

  • Creative hut in the spirit of environmental protection;
  • Giant boarding house; bouncy castle
  • obstacle course
  • "...only sporty!" - sports activities for children


During the programme, the Charity Service also asks for the help of families in collecting used toys that can still be used,

  • cards
  • small cars
  • board games
  • dolls
  • plush
  • other toys


And in the spirit of environmental protection, children are encouraged not to throw away their plastic cups of yoghurt or kefir after Sunday breakfast, but to wash them and bring them back with them, as they can create fun creations in the charity's creative corner, in the spirit of environmental awareness and sustainability. And the special feature of the programme is the painting and bringing to life of a giant cardboard locomotive!


Hungarian Defence Forces Bocskai István 11th Armoured Hajdú Brigade

  • GIDRÁN combat vehicle
  • RÁBA military all-terrain vehicle trucks
  • weapons demonstration (weapons of the past and present)
  • obstacle course for children


Dog School of Debrecen SANSZ - Helps The Foundation for the Love of Four-Legged Animals

  • demonstration of assistance dogs
  • dog-dancing; fun tricks
  • interactive programs with children
  • dog-sport activities; dog-selfie


ZUMBA - Amirah Zumba Debrecen - Klaudia Dance Team Superstar Mazsorett and Dance Association

  • Superstar dance group
  • Starlight Dance Group
  • Mikepércsi and Superstar Sunshine Group


Bird School from Földes - István Imre soloist

  • bird-selfie
  • Marci, the tufted macaw Peanut,
  • the special life of the cat owl


In addition to the travel fare, the children's day activities are free of charge!

Extraordinary timetable:

  • train departures from Ruyter street 1: 09:30, 10:00, 14:30
  • return trains from Hármashegyalja: 12:00, 15:00, 17:30