Aqua Elves Parties
  1. October 21-22 (Sunday and Monday)
  2. November 2-3 (Friday – Saturday)
  3. Winter break:
  4. Sunday, December 23
  5. Wednesday, December 26, Christmas Day
  6. Friday, December 28
  7. Sunday, December 30

Our team is composed of experienced animators who possess pedagogical and social work qualifications. The team was founded in 2011 and has successfully offered several kinds of professionally organized events, in accordance with the needs of children and families. In the Aquaticum Mediterranean Spa we are pleased to offer both water and land programmes, in the course of which families have a chance to experience moments full of variety and loaded with fun. Water adventures and exciting games for the youngest members of the family, entertainment and recreation for the older ones!

  • The animators arrive at the poolside with skills, interactive and strategy games. Adapting to the participants wishes they entertain and nurture children. 
  • In the creative corner children get to know the pleasures of arts and crafts and can indulge their creative drive. They get to know several kinds of materials and techniques and they can take the completed masterpiece home.
  • In the course of water games children can use all of their skills, as they may compete in speed, creative and team swimming contests, which always brings together the entire group of children engaged in a common fight.  

A sample of the games: Seal contest - Be the winning dolphin! - Treasure hunt - Aim and dare! - Feed the shark!

  • Water exercise programs offered to both children are adults include aqua zumba, aqua dance and water workouts.

Location: Aquaticum Mediterranean Spa - the shallow end of the wave pool facing the children’s pool