Advent Fair

Advent Fair


One of the most beautiful and biggest Christmas celebrations in Hungary, Advent in Debrecen is prepared with grand decorations, a quality gastronomic palette and a wide and unique product range. The fair will feature special elements of tradition and modern touches: the smell of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts will waft around the huge pine tree, the ice skating rink, the children's railway, and hundreds of Christmas carolers will evoke the spirit of Christmases past. There will be 75 Christmas-themed stalls selling their wares, and a wide range of culinary delights available in 23 tree houses.


Debrecen Advent Fair 2023. november 25 - december 23. The Debrecen Advent 2023 will open its doors on 25 November at 9:00 am and will be open until 23 December at 19:00 pm.


During the four weeks, a Christmas market, gastronomy, fairground attractions and concerts, as well as an ice rink, will help you relax in the midst of the festive preparations.


A multitude of caterers and vendors await those preparing for Christmas with handcrafted products and heart-warming delicacies at the Debrecen Christmas Fair. The Christmas Market in front of the Great Church and in the city centre is an unforgettable experience for those who are looking for a festive atmosphere.


Both modern and traditional products will be on display on the Piac Street, Main Square and Dósa Nádor Square fairgrounds, including Torontal carpets, kilim weavings, earthenware, glazed mugs, handmade wooden toys, gingerbread, herbs from Hargitai, thousands of teas, Christmas decorations and sniffing chocolates. More than 90 festive, decorated stalls offer traditional handicrafts, elaborate Christmas decorations, seasonal gifts and nearly 30 tree houses offer a wide range of mouth-watering delicacies and special culinary delights.


The Christmas market in front of the Great Church and in the city centre is an unforgettable highlight for those who want to get into the festive spirit. Visitors can enter into a magical Christmas atmosphere, with the unique backdrop of the beautiful buildings of Debrecen's city centre. The city promenade's lights, old and new light installations - the globe, the deer, the sleigh or the tree of lights, as well as the huge live pine tree - help visitors to escape from their everyday lives and get in the mood for the upcoming, intimate holiday.


The fair will feature both modern and traditional products: carpets, weavings, handmade ceramics and wooden toys, gingerbread, herbs, teas, scones and lavish Christmas decorations.


75 Christmas-themed stalls will offer their products and a wide range of culinary delights will be available in 23 tree houses.


Opening hours:

- weekdays between 12 and 20 hours,

- Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 9 pm.


Weekends with concerts, fairground attractions, children's activities


Every Advent weekend, there will be outdoor activities and a play house and craft workshops in the Advent Cube, created in collaboration with DEMKI, in the pedestrian zone of the city centre. During the weekends of the Magic Fair, the public will also be able to enjoy the performances of a rolling pianist, a carnival, fairy-tale characters, dancers, musicians and stilt walkers. The period from 1 to 6 December will be all about Santa Claus: decorated by kindergarten children, Santa Claus will decorate the city centre with pine trees in jars and will welcome children in the Advent Cuckoo's Nest, inviting them to join in carols and fun. Every weekend, the Kölcsey Centre will host Advent shows: Adventissimo, Valceremonia, a concert by the St. Ephrem Male Choir and the Hajdú70 Gala Evening.


Ice rink and disco


This year again, a 750 square metre ice rink will be open to winter sports enthusiasts from 25 November to 7 January, with a ticket costing just 1,200 HUF. On Advent Saturdays, DJs will welcome visitors to the disco with a variety of Christmas-themed music.


Candle lighting and the lights of Debrecen


The main attraction of Advent Sundays is the lighting of candles, a symbolic event that shows the light towards the holidays. On 3 December, the first candle is lit from 16:45 by a parade of traditional art groups from the Old Town Hall to the Reformed Church of Debrecen, and the city centre is bathed in festive lights.